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Help us raise money for our Projects

Dear Donors,

At P.I.R.L.C, we seek to help the needy local population using sensitization campaigns, Research and cultural promotion. We have provided humanitarian aids and scholarships to many underprivileged children and have gone a long way to change so many lives. While we have made some great strides, P.I.R.L.C still has a lot to accomplish.

We need your support for our new projects and events that are beginning in September.

Would you consider donating to help us achieve our mission?

If you have any questions, We would be happy to provide you with more information about how you can help support our work at P.I.R.L.C.

We greatly appreciate your donation, If you wish to contribute, please fill out the attached form or give us a call at +256 701 752 398.

Please join us! With your donation, we’re one step closer to completing our 2022 projects!


Keeh Tazinya Kingsley

P.I.R.L.C Director

Thanks for submitting!

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